Relationship Counselling

Relationship problems are a common reason that people seek counselling. We all desire satisfying and meaningful relationships yet we often don’t have the tools to make them happen.

Healthy relationships are essential for our well-being. It is possible to have the relationships you want through learning new skills. This will benefit all the relationships you have in life, while also bringing you a deeper happiness and balance.  

Intimacy Counselling will provide you with the education and knowledge you need to turn your relationships into the connections you desire.Take advantage of our free 15 minute consultation.  

Common Relationship Issues Include;

  • Communication problems
  • Unhealthy conflict
  • Right fighting 
  • Differences in parenting/money management/intimacy/division of chores/organisation styles 
  • Power and control struggles
  • Holding on to resentment
  • Loneliness
  • Disconnection 
  • Loss of desire
  • Fear of intimacy 
  • Sexual problems
  • Overcoming infidelity and/or affairs

  • Unmet needs
  • Not feeling heard/understood
  • Defensiveness
  • Feelings of losing yourself
  • Abandonment issues
  • Co-dependency issues and/or Inability to set and maintain boundaries
  • Inability to find a suitable partner
  • Inability to commit and/or remain committed 
  • Insecurity and possessiveness
  • Neglect and/or abuse 
  • Managing separations and divorce
  • Neglecting the behaviours needed to maintain feelings of love and affection